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Gifted Education Teachers


BVPAGE has been a valuable asset to Gifted Education in Blue Valley!  As a gifted education teacher, I feel supported 100% by BVPAGE in serving students who are gifted.  BVPAGE has brought in valuable speakers on many important topics, assisted parents in navigating a variety of situations, and provided gifted education teachers with financial assistance to purchase materials for the classroom.  On top of this, BVPAGE voiced concerns two years ago and helped prevent the state of Kansas from removing gifted education services from the state Special Education mandate. For all of these reasons and more, I appreciate the partnership I have with BVPAGE.  I wouldn’t be able to effectively do my job without the unwavering support of BVPAGE.

I'd like to thank you for your continued support and backing.  Throughout the last few years we have used your generous donations to supplement our classroom resources.  We have been able to strengthen our curriculum and offer students a more varied collection of resources.  More than anything, your continued work for gifted ed is vital to our success. Thank you!

Your organization is such a valuable resource for our families and us.  Thanks so much!  As I start the year, I am using the Social Emotional Learning resources and college resources we purchased last year!



The partnership with BVPAGE is a great example of the positive results that occur when a group of parents and the district work together. Their efforts to provide support to parents, teachers and students is a valuable extension of the district’s Gifted Education Program. We are extremely fortunate to have a committed parent organization like BVPAGE.

Dr. Todd White



BVPAGE is an important partner to our district as we improve programs to meet the special needs of our gifted students.  While the members of BVPAGE are certainly are advocates for their children, they approach the district from the perspective of a partner who assumes positive intent, rather than as an advisory.  Because of this approach, a level of trust has developed where we work together on common goals and are able to discuss openly our different perspectives when program disagreements arise.

Dr. Mark Schmidt

Assistant Superintendent for Well Being and Student Support


Having BV Page members on the district Curriculum and Instruction Committee has allowed for a clear line of open communication regarding curriculum topics within the district.  It allows an opportunity for two way communication on topics that are important to both the district and parents of gifted learners. This relationship is positive and has continued through leadership changes in both BV Page and the District.

Dr. Tonya Merrigan

Chief Learning Officer


The Blue Valley parents who lead Blue Valley Parent Advocates for Gifted Education (BVPAGE) have created a collaborative team that works in partnership with Blue Valley Schools to ensure that the needs of students in gifted education are met.  BVPAGE and Blue Valley Schools have a beautiful, reciprocal relationship that supports each organizations’ goals and objectives. As the administrator of Blue Valley’s gifted education services, I feel blessed to know that BVPAGE is an important part of the support network for our students, their parents, and their teachers in gifted education.  The organization strives to provide accurate, timely information and support for families, and they are an impactful voice in the bigger picture of Blue Valley Schools. Other organizations/groups would be wise to follow the approach BVPAGE has used in building a trusting, collaborative relationship with Blue Valley Schools.

Kristin Asquith

Coordinator of Gifted Education

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