KGTC Mini Conference:

KGTC is holding a mini-conference

Growing Up Gifted: Meeting Our Kids' Social/Emotional Needs at Home & School

Saturday April 8th 9:30 am - 2:45pm

See complete details here.

Additional information from KGTC President-Elect, Kelly Reynolds

Three bits of information. Three ways to get (or continue) being involved with KGTC. Three is kind of a magic number, isn't it?

BIT #1

Conference Presenters

Applications are still being accepted for break out session presenters for our October conference. If you have something to share that would be valuable for other stakeholders in Giftd Education, now is the time to sign up.

Follow this link to go to the Call for Presenters Registration page.

BIT #2

Advocacy Award Nomination form available

Nominations are open for Advocacy Award nominations. Follow the link below to see the guidelines and requirements for nominees.

2015 KGTC Advocacy Awards Nominations

BIT #3

Application for Board Member 2016-17

We're looking for quality applicants to fill three key board positions as well as anvariety of other positions for the ensuing term and would appreciate your assistance. To further our aim of seeking new faces on the board we'd like to encourage all members who'd like to serve to apply. From the header you should have gathered, the key positions to be filled are President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. The nominees should be active members and have some familiarity with KGTC.

Follow this link to the 2016-17 KGTC Board Application Form.

If not you, then WHO?

Get involved. Isn't that what we tell our students? Now is your chance to make a difference with Gifted Education in the state of Kansas for the future.

Won't you join us?


L. Kelly Reynolds


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