Call for Robotics Share Fair Photographer

District Robotics Share Fair will be held on April 27, 2018 at CAPS this year. Blue Valley 5th grade gifted classes meet in one large group to run their robots through a variety of challenges. Kids get to know each other before middle school and have the chance to pit their robots against one another. The Overland Park Bomb Squad and the CAPS Robotics Team demonstrate their robots. The kids LOVE it! BVPAGE provides a Team photo to each team member as a memento of the occasion.

We still in need of a photographer who can help with the following tasks. Please contact Cathryn Linney if you're interested.


  • Hangs the photo banner.

  • Prepare School Name Tag provided by BVPAGE that each group and student will hold up in their picture.

  • A runner/assistant will bring the schools/kids to you, stay by the banner

  • Take a group photo with gifted teacher, 1 for each school.

  • Take a photo of individual child with robot; or two/three children with robot if they worked as a team.

  • Double check at photo time that no ones eyes are closed!

  • Take a crowd/all group photo of everyone sitting on CAPS steps.


  • Check all photos and clear any redeye.

  • Print photos at Sams/Costco or wherever is best for you (8x10 school pic; 5x7 individual pic). BVPAGE will reimburse the cost.

  • Print 1 group photo for each classroom (8x10).

  • Print 1 photo for each student ** So if a group of 3 kids took a photo together, we would need 3 copies of that photo (5x7).

  • Sort photos by school using provided School Name Tag in each photo.

  • Add letter to each family receiving photos saying this is gift from BVPAGE.

  • Use school district inter-office mail to send photos & letters.

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