Meeting today and December Newsletter

President's Message We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and want you to know we are so thankful for the kindness and support you show our community of families! In the hopes of relieving stress this holiday season rather than adding to it, we will be hosting an informal coffee meetup this month at Pilgrim Coffee instead of a daytime speaker meeting. Please note, we will meet on TUESDAY, DEC. 3RD and NOT on Friday at Hilltop. There is no formal topic but it would be great to swap gift ideas for our kids (that don't involve screens). Otherwise, feel free to share whatever is on your mind! I'm excited to announce that our January evening meeting topic will be Executive Functioning 2.0! On January 30th from 7-8:30 p.m. at Hilltop, Diane McLean, MEd, PCC will join us with a follow up to our hugely successful session last year and will focus on practical suggestions and tips on helping your child better manage their time. homework, and other responsibilities. Last session, she taught us a lot about the science behind why some kids (and adults) struggle so mightily in these areas and planted the seeds of ideas on how to manage them. This session, she will focus mainly on tangible takeaways you can try at home. As a reminder, this is a free event to those families signed up for Friends of BVPAGE. Otherwise, there will be a $5 entry fee. Click here to sign up for Friends of BVPAGE and attend ALL of our evening events for free plus earn other perks! Either way, these contributions will go a long way toward helping us secure more great speakers! Please mark your calendars for our upcoming Summer Opportunities Fair on February 6th at Hilltop. We are continuing to grow and refresh our camps again this year and it is not too late to suggest camps you love if you have any to share. This event is open to the whole community. I look forward to seeing you all for coffee today and wish you all very happy holidays! Amy Gallentine BVPAGE 2019-2020 President

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Unless otherwise noted, Daytime Meetings are the first Friday of the month from 11:30-1:00 at Hilltop Campus in Conference Room B (use north entrance). Feel free to bring your lunch! Please note that locations vary and event dates and locations are subject to change. Check for the most recent information.

Morning Coffee Meet Up December 3rd, 9a.m. at Pilgrim Coffee 12643 Metcalf Avenue (in the strip mall on the NE corner of 127th and Metcalf) We will be in the same room as last time near the counter. Executive Functioning 2.0 January 30th, 7pm-8:30pm, Hilltop Conference Center Join us for a follow up session with Diane McLean focused on tips and tricks to help your child better manage their time and responsibilities. February 4th - 9 am Morning Coffee February 6th - Summer Opportunities Fair, 7pm-8:30pm, Hilltop Conference Center March 6th - Daytime meeting, 11:30am-1pm, Hilltop Conference Center April 9th - Evening meeting, 7pm-8:30pm, Hilltop Conference Center May 5th - 9 am Morning Coffee

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